Having an injured foot really slows one down. I am realizing, however, that it’s not such a bad thing. Yes, this injury is annoying and I feel like its been forever and I’ll never walk normally and blah blah blah. But, there are things to be thankful for: the timing – between planned trips, and it’s summer which is good because I can’t get anything on my feet except sandals; it could be worse – at least I can get around on my own two feet, limping, and I can drive and work and do most of my regular activities; the empathy – I think about those who suffer from disease or injuries or something that affects their ability to walk, those who have to live with it, always living a modified lifestyle and who probably complained less than I have in the last three weeks.

This forced slow-down is actually kind of nice. I can’t do so much running around in busy-ness. I think about what I really need and what I have to do and what can wait. I have to be more deliberate about planning my days because I can’t just run out to the store for something quick or even run up the stairs quick. I’m not quick. So I take it slow and I think things through. It’s a nice way of doing things.