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Road trip to MeeMaw’s house! On a rainy Friday in the summer, we knew traffic could be an issue so we planned to take it slow. We stopped for a dinner break at Panera. Connor saw all the pastries first and didn’t want anything else. When we finally let him have a cookie with candies, he picked out the candies and left the cookie. Silly. It would have been easier to buy him a bag of M&Ms.

By the time we got there, it was late. He had slept but woke up when we got there and took a while to fall back asleep. Connor and I shared a room so I sang songs to him to try to get him to fall asleep. I sang Jesus Loves me and How Great Thou Art and I thought he was asleep. But after about three minutes of quiet, he whispered “Can you sing Itsy Bitsy Spider?”