20130830-224342.jpg My friend is visiting for the weekend so it was girls night in with homemade pizza, ice cream, and a classic girl movie – Little Women.

I remember when I read the book. I was nine! It was the longest book I had ever tried to read at that point. It seemed so big and so heavy. I still remember the bookmark I used. It was a piece of graph paper cut into the shape of a heart. I colored in all the squares in a rainbow pattern. I remember the waxy feeling of that paper and how the top of it looked sticking out of that those almost endless pages, marking my progress. I don’t really remember how much I liked the story at that age, but I do remember being so proud if myself for finishing it!

I remember the apartment we lived in that year. We had just moved to a new state – everything was new. Age nine was a big year for me. I am not surprised that I lost myself in reading a book almost as big as I was.

Do you remember what book you were reading a certain times in your life? What was the first really long book you remember finishing? A couple years later I read Treasure Island and am still proud of finishing that one!