We had a full day today! After complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the center of Lexington to catch the first departure of the Liberty Ride. I’m so glad we decided to do this first. The “trolley” (bus) tours all the sites in Lexington, Concord, and in between (Lincoln, and the Minuteman National Park). It really helped to give an overview of the events of April 18-19,1775, as well as what to see and do in the area.


Because of the government shutdown, the park was closed. But, we did make one stop, an act of civil disobedience, to visit the Old North Bridge. This was the site of what came to be known as “the shot heard ’round the world”. It’s also where the Minuteman sculpture by Daniel Chester French stands.


After the ride, we visited the Hancock-Clarke house. This is where John Hancock and Sam Adams were staying that night – and where Paul Revere came on his midnight ride.

We had lunch in Lexington, then drove into Concord to visit Orchard House – the home of Louisa May Alcott and her family. The tour was so good! The tour guide was a great storyteller.


As part of the ticket, we also got entrance passes to the Concord museum, so we did that next. It was really good. I especially liked the special exhibit of Daniel Chester French. I had never heard of him before today, but have seen his work! He sculpted the Lincoln Memorial, the Minuteman statue, and he was a young student of Louisa’s sister, May. It was a fascinating exhibit.


By then, it was dinner time and we were pooped. We decided to go to Cheesecake Factory. It was so good, as always.

A perfect day! We had so much fun, learned a lot, ate well, and really enjoyed it!