My one word for this year is Adventure. Last year it was Finish. The year before it was Led. Even though I pick a new word each year, the previous years’ words still resonate with me. The year of practicing that word creates a habit that stays with me. I often stop to consider if I’m being led because I practiced that for a year.

I remind myself to finish things. That’s still a hard one for me. I tend to start things with passion and drive and then get bored after a while. If you’re still reading this blog, you can probably tell that the effort has decreased over time. But I am determined to finish the year. That was my goal. What I’ll do with this blog in the future is still open for thought and leading. I still have some drafts in October that never got finished so I’m going to catch up on those and then finish off the last few days of the year.

It’s time to start thinking about next year’s word!